HVAC 维护协议 for bwin888备用地址owners in St. 路易斯及周边地区

The key to comfort and energy savings for HVAC equipment is regular and proper maintenance. 室内舒适团队, we provide exceptional heating and air conditioning maintenance agreements for our customers in St. 路易和周边地区.



When it comes to properly maintaining your air conditioner and extending its life, the adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” certainly holds true. With average summer high temperatures in the St. 路易 area hovering in the upper 80’s and occasionally spiking above 100 degrees, vigilantly maintaining your air conditioning unit is the best way to prevent operation failure.

Proper maintenance can help lower utility bills, improve system reliability and safety, 帮助改善室内空气质量. Your manufacturer equipment warranty doesn’t cover negligence. Our maintenance 服务 will help to reduce unexpected problems and help to avoid costly unscheduled repair visits.



It’s important to have your furnace inspected and 服务d once a year to prolong the life of your unit, 节约能源, 确保安全, 降低健康风险. Emergency calls during the winter are 75 percent the result of little or no maintenance performed on your furnace or heating system. Please don’t ignore your furnace until it’s too late and your family is uncomfortable.



The key to comfort and energy efficiency is proper maintenance. 适当的保养可以帮助:

  • 较低的水电费
  • 提高可靠性和安全性
  • 提高舒适度和容量
  • 室内空气更清洁、更健康
  • 降低细菌生长
  • 维护设备保修
  • 延长设备寿命
  • 减少问题和维修
  • 转让给新业主

In addition to saving you money and extending your equipment life, indoor comfort maintenance plans also help protect our environment by:

  • 减少能源使用
  • 减少发电厂排放
  • 减少燃烧排放
  • 恢复 & 回收的制冷剂
  • 减少制冷剂泄漏
  • 负责任的过滤器 & 带处理



你不需要不用预付一分钱. Pay as you go for a year of comfort and savings, or pre-pay and save even more. Pick the plan that works best for you and enjoy the status of a preferred customer.


享受V.I.P. 俱乐部的地位

  • 修理不收加班费
  • 24小时优先bwin888备用地址状态
  • 所有配件打九折
  • 未来设备升级5%折扣
  • 10% off any HVAC, plumbing, or electrical 服务 repair




100%的满意保证. If you are not completely satisfied with the performance of our plan or 服务, 我们的工作还没结束. If for any reason you can cancel the plan at any time. We will refund 100% of your money back*, no questions asked.

*某些条款可能适用. Please see maintenance agreement for details.

Over 41 years of 经验 has shown us the value of conducting 服务s properly. 不像我们的大多数竞争对手, we refuse to offer cut rate pricing and glorified walk-by maintenance procedures delivered by entry level technicians. 我们相信适当的维护, so we perform complete 服务 procedures as promised by using the most trained and qualified 服务 technicians. 我们核实他们的背景, 经验, and technical knowledge before they are hired, then put them through an ongoing 120 hour training program each year.

The results of our stringent hiring and training: safe, professional experts who perform 服务s with care for your family and your property. Exactly the way we promise and exactly the way our customers expect.

A word to the wise: No contractor regardless of their 经验 and knowledge can afford to take the time and correctly inspect, 服务, and maintain your equipment at cut-rate ‘coupon’ prices. Do yourself a favor and hire a company who uses an up-front approach to 服务s provided and doesn’t promise complete system tune-ups at coupon prices. It’s just not economically possible so you will waste your money on a glorified walk-by inspection often called a ‘tune-up.’ 调用 us today for an actual tune-up that increases your HVAC system safety, 效率和耐久性.


Professional HVbwin888备用地址维修 服务

我们相信适当的维护, so we perform complete 服务 procedures as promised by using the most trained and qualified 服务 technicians in the region. 你可以相信我们的技术人员. 我们核实他们的背景, 经验, and technical knowledge before they are hired, then put them through an ongoing 120-hour training program each year.

Contact us today to schedule your HVAC maintenance visit. 我们的服务范围包括圣. 路易斯,圣. 查尔斯,圣. Peters, MO, Belleville, IL and the surrounding areas.




清洁性能 & 检查

Bi-annual detailed full system inspection and equipment performance 检查 that includes condenser coil and burner assembly cleaning. This 服务 procedure is comparable and better than what some of our competitors call “HVAC System Tune-Ups”. Our plan 检查 the performance of your equipment and helps to detect potential problems that we can repair at the time of this pre-season 服务 – rather than having to deal with the inconvenience and unexpected costs when you least expect them. The plan includes extra discounts on our 服务s and products, as well as membership in our V.I.P. 24/7 priority customer status during the entire life of the plan.


Under this plan you receive all the benefits of our “清洁性能 & 检查” plan PLUS the most thorough and extensive bi-annual maintenance 服务 protocol you will find in the St. 路易市区. As recommended by the equipment manufacturers we do up to 50 points of inspection to ensure maximum efficiency, 安全性和系统可靠性. Under this plan we also clean tank type water heaters, 增湿器, 空气清洁剂, de增湿器 and other accessories as specified in the maintenance agreement.


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